Updates from Salem State University:

Off-Hour Work
Daniel O’Connoll Sons will work on interior and exterior build outs at the Mainstage Theatre this Saturday, December 3 starting at 8 a.m.

ADA upgrades within the Administration Building continues within the building.

Sophia Gordon Center for the Creative and Performing Arts
Contractors continue to work on the interior structures and exterior enclosure of the building. The building inspector has given the contractor permission to remove the overhead portion of the protected walkway as the overhead work on the project is complete. The project is on schedule to be substantially complete by the end of the year.

The contractor conducting utility work associated with the redevelopment of the Riley Plaza East property is cutting in a new water valve on Mill Street. One of the two lanes is closed during this work.

The remaining work on this component of the project includes installing a new hydrant and the pipe to the hydrant, during which time the lane closure will swap to the other lane on Mill Street. The specific dates for this work have not been determined yet.

Finally, next week the contractor will pave the trenches for this utility work. During the paving one lane will be closed to traffic at a time, to allow traffic to continue to move through the area.

Additional details will be posted as they are made available.

Update from the MassDOT Route 107 Corridor Study:

The Route 107 Corridor study team is pleased to announce the release of the Final Report, available for download on the project website: The Final Report summarizes the analysis completed and multimodal design recommendations for the corridor.

After setting goals and evaluation criteria for the study, the study team collected and analyzed existing conditions, demographic data, and deficiencies within the study area. The study team developed alternatives, including area-wide improvements and roadway cross-sections for each of the three roadway segments on Route 107 through Lynn and Salem. Specific improvements were developed for each of the fifteen study area intersections. The improvements include features such as added turn lanes, access management, improved signal timing, phasing and coordination, added crosswalks, relocated bus stops, curb ramps, bicycle lanes, and curb extensions. Collectively, the recommended improvements would transform Route 107 in the study area from a major vehicle thoroughfare to a boulevard type of roadway, offering a calmer traffic environment and improved options for multimodal travel. We encourage you to read the Final Report to learn more.

As many of you are aware, the project involved an extensive public outreach program that included Working Group meetings, public meetings and a public survey. The Working Group met at four strategic points in the project and offered valuable input to shape the project outcome. The public survey, which was initiated early in the project, drew input from over 1,600 participants on the existing issues and desired solutions. Two sets of public meetings were held in Salem and Lynn. The public meetings informed the public of the study’s progress and sought input on issues, opportunities, solutions and recommendations. Finally, during the 30-day comment period on the Draft Report, we received 41 comments, which were compiled into Appendix D of the Final Report.
MassDOT and the study team wish to thank the Working Group and the hundreds of community members who participated in the study’s outreach process.

Updates from the Salem Cable Project:

Just a quick reminder that retaining-wall construction is expected to resume during the first or second week of December; once work is underway, contractors will need approximately one week to complete the first of the two retaining walls planned for the substation.

As you know, once the first wall has been completed, contractors will begin constructing the second, larger wall, which will run along the back end of the substation. Due to the length of this wall, contractors will need three to four weeks to to finish that work.

Please note that these work schedules depend on a favorable weather outlook—as well as timely delivery of materials—and there is the possibility that parts of the retaining wall construction process may be rescheduled for the next calendar year.

We'll plan to share more information about the upcoming work at the substation as it becomes available.

As always, if you have questions about any of our work, feel free to be in touch via our toll-free hotline at 844-SALEM-CABLE or through the "Contact Us" feature on our website at



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