Update from Salem Cable Project:

The manholes on Washington Square South have been set. Tomorrow, contractors will be back filling and finalizing the site to be reopened to all traffic. In the first part of next week this manhole crew will move to Hawthorne Boulevard to begin the excavation process for the next manhole installations.

The duct bank installation on Hawthorne Boulevard continues to progress north on Hawthorne Boulevard. So far, contractors have excavated about half way up the Boulevard (in between Charter Street and Essex Street). This work will continue onto Washington Square South until it meets up with the newly installed manholes.

Also, next week an additional duct bank crew will finish work on a small section of Congress Street near the South River Bridge.

As a reminder, if a roadway paving project is happening in your neighborhood of #SalemMA over the next four weeks, you may temporarily experience discolored tap water. This is because during the work, the paving contractor may need to access a hydrant, which can, on occasion, cause the water distribution system to be disturbed. This is not usual. If you experience discolored water, please run your cold water until it becomes clear. Do not do laundry and do not run your hot water, as it could cause damage to hot water tanks and boilers. ...

The second delivery of concrete for the Footprint Power project in #SalemMA will be taking place on Saturday, May 30th, from 2:00 a.m. to approximately 2:00 p.m., depending on the weather. The route will be the same as previous (Route 1A/Bridge Street to Webb Street). Any changes in this plan will be posted. ...

The #SalemMA 2015 road rehabilitation program gets underway this week with work starting on Thursday or Friday on the following streets. Work hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-3:30pm, and there is no parking on these streets during work hours. Work is anticipated to last four weeks, weather permitting.

Additional streets in the 2015 program will be posted here as they are scheduled. Residents of these streets will also receive notification directly from the City's Engineering Department. If there are any questions, residents are encouraged to call the department at 978-619-5673.

Work will consist of grinding out the top 2 inches of existing pavement and the installation of two inches of top coarse pavement. Adjustment of manhole and gate box structures will take place before the final overlay pavement and line striping. In some cases, a thin leveling course of pavement may be installed immediately after grinding to ensure a smooth roadway surface.

*Andover Street
*Bayview Avenue
*Brown Street
*Church Street
*Federal Street (from Monroe Street to Flint Street)
*Juniper Avenue
*Lynde Street
*Lynn Street
*Orne Street (including new sidewalk on north side of roadway)
*Restaurant Row
*Summit Avenue

The complete list of streets in the 2015 road rehabilitation program is available at



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