Parking Restriction at Mary Jane Lee Park in #SalemMA:

Beginning today, the parking area at Mary Jane Lee Park will be closed in order serve as a staging area for construction of a splash pad. When the contractor demobilizes for the winter before Christmas, a portion of the parking area, with space for approximately 15 cars, will reopen until the contractor returns to complete the project in the spring.

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An update from Salem State University:

Based on a request received at the Salem State University Neighborhood Advisory Committee meeting, we have secured the arborist to be on site in the Peabody Hall parking lot on this Saturday, November 22, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon to answer any questions regarding the pruning of the trees in preparation for the parking garage project. He will also be on site today from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m..

As mentioned in last week’s update, Salem State University has retained a certified arborist to inventory and evaluate the trees that border the property of the Peabody Hall parking lot in preparation for the construction of the parking garage.

The purpose is to employ tree protection activities designed to preserve and protect tree health prior to site disturbance. To that end, the arborist has fertilized the roots of these trees on the university’s property. In addition, the arborist will be pruning the west side crowns of 42 identified trees that overhang university property next Tuesday and Wednesday. These steps are being taken to provide protection and care for these trees during upcoming construction, scheduled to begin March 2015.

We encourage you to contact external affairs if you have any questions or concerns regarding our neighborhood updates during regular business hours at 978-542-7757. In emergency situations or during off-hours, call campus police at 978-542-6111.

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Two quick updates from the MBTA about the on-going work to finalize the new #SalemMA intermodal station. Both regarding the improvements to Bridge Street near the MBTA driveway entrance:

The installation of the traffic signals is expected to commence next week, weather permitting.

Due to the cold temperatures, traffic paint was used for the striping along Bridge Street. This is not the final application for the striping. In the spring or if we get a warm period of several days thermoplastic striping and crosswalks will be installed. The temperature must be above 40 degrees to install the thermoplastic material.

Thank you for your patience as work on the new facility nears completion.

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Beginning today, Mary Jane Lee Park will be closed for the construction of a splash pad and associated improvements. The park will remain closed for the duration of construction, anticipated to be completed in early Spring This project is funded in part by an Our Common Backyards grant from the Commonwealth's Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. ...

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