Update from the MassDOT & City of #SalemMA Canal Street Roadway Improvement Project:

We wanted to check in with our final update regarding this week's paving of the southbound lane of Canal Street between Roslyn Street and Pond Street.

Please note that contractors have informed us that they will be ready to pave on Wednesday, as opposed to Thursday of this week. We apologize for any confusion.

Update on the City of #SalemMA's Mayor Jean Levesque Community Life Center:

Over the next several days workers will be on site at the location of the City’s planned Mayor Jean Levesque Community Life Center on Bridge Street in order to install erosion controls and conduct other preliminary site work. When that work is completed contractors will begin removing the existing asphalt and other structures on the site.

Following that work aggregate will be placed on the footprint of the Levesque Center site to begin the process of soil surcharging. It is currently expected that the installation of the erosion controls, removal of existing asphalt and other objects, and placement of the surcharging soils will last until approximately mid-December. After that work is completed the site will be left for about 6 months for the surcharging to take place, after which time foundation and vertical construction work will commence in the spring.

Slight revision to Canal Street Roadway Improvement Project planned work in #SalemMA for the week ahead:

We would like announce a slight change to the paving schedule for this week. Please note that the paving operation that was scheduled for Wednesday, and Thursday will now take place on Thursday. Contractors have condensed the paving timeline, and are expected to roll out both the "base" and "binder" pavement by the end of the work day on Thursday.

Updates from the Salem Cable Project:

Here's the latest on our plans to finalize the upgrades at the Canal Street Substation!

A minor design change caused a pause in our substation work, but contractors were back at it this week. After reviewing the design plans, they have tentatively set the schedule for the rest of the upgrades planned at the substation. With the understanding that Canal Street is currently being reconstructed—and to avoid adding any capacity to October traffic—the substation contractors plan to begin construction of the retaining walls at the substation after Halloween.

When work resumes in early November, contractors will focus their efforts on constructing the retaining wall along the southeast corner of the substation. This work is expected to take approximately one week to complete. Construction of the second, larger retaining wall along the east end of the property will begin immediately after the first wall is completed; it's expected to have a construction timeline of three to four weeks.

As previously noted, once these retaining walls have been constructed, the remaining steps at the substation will be to improve the landscape design and to install a new perimeter fence. Landscaping upgrades will not take place until the weather warms next year to ensure new plantings can take root. Contractors are also likely install the new substation fence at that time.

Updates from the #SalemMA and MassDOT Canal Street Roadway Improvement Project:

This week contractors are scheduled to pave the southbound lane of Canal Street between Roslyn Street and Pond Street. A two-way traffic pattern will again be used as the paving operation progresses down the street. Please continue to be mindful of directions from police details stationed around the work zone--they'll be there to facilitate traffic flow onto side streets, and in and out of businesses adjacent to the construction zone.

As reminder, there will be a 90-minute period when traffic will not be allowed on newly paved sections of the street. This curing time is needed for the pavement to cool, harden, and ensure a consistent surface is in place along the roadway.

In addition to paving the southbound lane, this week contractors will shift their work zone into the northbound lane of Canal Street in order to begin asphalt removal, and roadway regrading between Roslyn Street and Pond Street. As a reminder, we expect to have this section of Canal Street paved during the week of November 17.

As a reminder, all Canal Street businesses are open during this roadway improvement project. Please support our local businesses!

Below, please find a calendar of anticipated construction activities for the next two weeks of this project:

Week of October 24
• Begin removing asphalt on the northbound lane of Canal Street between Roslyn Street and Pond Street.
• Wednesday: "Base" paving on southbound lane of Canal Street between Roslyn Street and Pond Street.
• Thursday: "Binder" paving on southbound lane of Canal Street between Roslyn Street and Pond Street.

Week of October 31
• Continue removing asphalt and grading on northbound lane of Canal Street between Roslyn Street and Pond Street.



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