The City of #SalemMA will be beginning a water main improvement project in the intersection of Derby Street, Memorial Drive, and Fort Avenue on Monday, August 31st. The work should improve the reliability of water service to the neighborhood. Work hours are from 7am to 3:30pm and should be complete in about two weeks (weather permitting).

During the work, several short-term water service interruptions in the area will be required. Those impacted will received a 24-hour advance notice of any planned service disruption. Planned service interruptions may result in a decrease in water pressure or discoloration of water. If you experience any discoloration to your water during this work, run the cold water tap until the water runs clear.

Next week's work schedule for the Algonquin gas lateral project in #SalemMA. ...

Updates from the Salem Cable Project:

Steady progress continues at the Essex Street work site. On Tuesday -- a day earlier than expected -- our contractors were able to install the second and final manhole at this site. With this manhole now in place contractors will now work to backfill the excavation and prepare the road to be re-opened to all traffic. Once the road is re-opened this crew will move to the South River Bridge, and begin setting up a work site underneath the bridge. This work will not impact road traffic.

At the Congress Street work site contractors continue to excavate and install duct bank in the direction of Leavitt Street. Over the next two to three weeks this crew is expect to reach the corner of Congress Street and Leavitt Street. From there this crew will turn right onto Leavitt Street and continue to install duct bank until they reach the manhole installations on Fairfield Street.

Over at the Washington Square South work site, as previously noted, contractors have connected the duct bank on the west side of the manhole structures, and last week re-started duct bank installation on the east side of the manholes. Over the next week or so, this crew will work its way across the intersection of Washington Square East and onto Forrester Street.

As you are likely aware, the logistics and mechanics of duct bank installation are significantly less burdensome than the manhole installation process. There is less heavy equipment involved and the construction site footprint is noticeably smaller. During duct bank installation a 100 to 150 foot section of a road is excavated at a time. As the installation process progresses every two to three days, the finished area will be temporarily patched and reopened for resident access. Many residents have found this information comforting, as it means that only a small section of their street will have limited parking at a time.

As always, police details are always present to facilitate vehicle and pedestrian traffic management at our work areas. That said, we ask that those on foot exercise caution when approaching these active work areas to minimize risks to personal safety, and to avoid any interference with construction.



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