Next week's construction look-ahead for the Algonquin gas transmission lateral in #SalemMA. ...

Water service on Raymond Road, Raymond Avenue, and Rainbow Terrace in #SalemMA will be temporarily shut off from 9am to 3pm on Tuesday, August 4th so that the City's contractor can continue the water main repair work on those streets. When the service comes back online at 3pm, those in the area may temporarily experience discolored water; if your water is discolored, run the cold faucet until the water runs clear and avoid doing any laundry until the water is no longer discolored. ...

Updates from Footprint Power in #SalemMA:

Things are changing fast at and around our site. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as our contractor completes the pile driving and cement deliveries needed to construct the new Footprint Power Salem arbor Station. Over 1600 of the 2200 pilings have been installed. We expect to be finished with this phase of the work in October 2015. Site noise should diminish somewhat as pile driving is moving east, closer to the water's edge, and away from the site neighborhood boundaries.

Over 3600 cubic yards of concrete have been set in place so far. We've been working closely with the City to try to minimize issues during peak traffic periods and school hours.

Algonquin Gas Transmission's contractor has also begun work on the natural gas pipeline between the site and the connection point out in Beverly Harbor. Drilling for that project is occurring both on our site and at the National Grid property on Bridge Street. The work is progressing as scheduled and the drilling phase of that project is expected to be completed by November.

For more information please check out: our website (, the BuildingSalem Facebook page (, and our Twitter feed (@FootprintSalem). You can also email us at or call us at 978-740-8411.



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