Update from the MBTA concerning Salem Depot Commuter Rail Station project. BuildingSalem and the City of #SalemMA will continue to provide project updates on this important project as it advances to full completion. If you have specific questions, we can relay them to the MBTA or you can contact them directly by calling 1-800-392-6100 or using the online inquiry form at


On Friday afternoon October 24, 2014 the new Salem Intermodal Station will be opening to the public. The new high level platform will also be opening to the public providing direct accessible access onto the trains and two large elevators to downtown Salem and the upper parking garage levels. Construction will continue on the project with construction barriers around areas of construction such as the enclosed waiting room, bike cage and Phase II of the platforms.

The MBTA is opening the new Salem Intermodal Station today at 4:00 pm. This partial opening will allow parking in the garage and use of the new high level Commuter Rail platform.

The weather has posed challenges to completing the work in full. Because of the rain this week, the sidewalk paving is not complete. The drop off/pick up areas, buses and taxis will remain in their temporary locations. By this time next week, the paving will be completed and the new sidewalks, bus platform and drop off/pick up areas will be opened for service.

Until the station is fully completed, work will continue in designated construction areas. The waiting area will be open and the glass wall enclosure will be installed in November.

We apologize that the work is not completed for the initial opening. Service will always be maintained, as it has been throughout the entire project. Thank you for your patience during the construction of this state-of-the-art Intermodal Station.

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Parking Changes on North and Bridge Street Following Salem MBTA Garage Opening

With the MBTA commuter rail station and garage scheduled to open after 4:00 p.m. on October 24, the City of Salem and the MBTA have announced the following planned changes to on-street and lot parking on North Street and Bridge Street.

· No on-street parking on Bridge Street. On-street parking along the northern side of Bridge Street will be prohibited starting on Monday, November 3rd. This property is owned and controlled by the MBTA, not the City. The MBTA will be installing barricades to restrict parking in this area.

· Limited on-street parking on North Street. On-street satellite parking along North Street from the area near the intersection of Commercial Street to Leslie’s Retreat Park will return to its original restrictions from prior to the start of the MBTA garage project. These include 30 minute parking on the westerly side of North Street, south of Commercial Street, near O’Rourke Brothers Memorials (73 North Street) and no parking on the easterly side of North Street, from the intersection with Commercial Street to Leslie’s Retreat Park. This change takes effect Monday, November 3.

· Universal Steel lot parking rates. The parking rate to park in the City’s surface lot at the Universal Steel site (297 Bridge Street) would be $4/day, Mondays-Saturdays, commencing November 4, pending approval by the City Council and Parking Board. The rate has been submitted for the City Council’s vote at their meeting on October 23 and the Parking Board’s vote at their meeting on November 3.

City parking enforcement officers will be focusing on residential neighborhoods in the areas close by the garage in the days following the garage’s opening, to ensure that commuters and visitors are not parking in resident-only zones. They will also be patrolling the Bridge Street and North Street areas identified above to ensure vehicles are parked legally and safely.

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MassWorks grant announcement today in #SalemMA with Peabody Mayor Ted Bettencourt, Ward 5 Councillor Josh Turiel, Salem City Council, Senator Joan B. Lovely, Secretary Greg Bialecki, Mayor Kim Driscoll, and State Rep. Ted Speliotis. ...

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Massachusetts Economic Development Secretary Greg Bialecki visited #SalemMA today to announce the awarding of a $2.5 million MassWorks grant for infrastructure improvements in Riley Plaza. The upgrades will help facilitate the proposed RCG development between Washington Street and Dodge Street Court ...

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