The Canal Street Roadway Improvement Project in #SalemMA is getting underway again now that the winter months are past. Here is the anticipated schedule for completion of the various remaining components of this major upgrade project. More details are at ...

Construction is wrapping up on the renovation of 90-98 Washington Street in downtown #SalemMA.

Salem's new City Hall Annex offices located at 98 Washington Street will open to the public at noon on Tuesday, April 17.

Departments that are relocating include: Building and Public Property, Capital Planning, Engineering (including Trash/Recycling and Water/Sewer), Health, Human Resources, Legal (Assistant Solicitor), Mass in Motion, Planning, Traffic & Parking, and Treasurer. Telephone numbers for these departments will remain unchanged.

In addition to these offices, which will be located on the second and third floor of 98 Washington Street, three public meeting rooms will be located on the first floor of the new building. Effective Tuesday, April 17, all City boards and committees that had previously met at 120 Washington Street in the third floor meeting rooms, will meet in the first floor meeting rooms at 98 Washington Street.



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