Updates from the Salem Cable Project:

Our Derby Street cable removal crew is making steady progress as they excavate and remove the remaining underground cable between Hodges Court and Herbert Street. By the end of next week this crew should be working in the area of the intersection of Derby Street and Hawthorne Boulevard. Contractors will approach the cable removal process in this intersection as they have in other busy intersections along the installation and removal routes, and with the help of police details we'll continue to maintain traffic flow while work is ongoing.

We're happy to announce that earlier this week contractors completed all of the soil remediation near Dodge Street Court. Please note that there is one remaining remediation area which is located in the New Derby-Lafayette intersection. This work will require the use of the same type of equipment that was used at the Dodge Street Court remediation site.

As you have likely noticed, our crew working on New Derby Street is now excavating and removing the section of underground cable that crosses from the corner of Lafayette Street (near Orange Leaf) to the opposite side of New Derby Street in front of Engine House Pizza. This work is being sequenced in sections to allow for the maintenance of traffic flow, and will also allow contractors to remediate soil as they remove the cable. We will keep you updated on our progress at all of our work sites as more information becomes available.

Lastly, our outreach team is continuing their work with businesses and residents in and around the cable removal route.

The City of #SalemMA has received a $75,000 coastal pollution remediation grant from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management. The grant will fund a retrofit of the existing structural drainage and landscaping islands along Commercial Street.

SumCo Eco-Contracting, a Salem company, has been awarded the contract and is expected to begin work the week of May 30th, after the Memorial Day holiday. The work is expected to take until the end of June, weather permitting.

The work hours for this project are Monday-Friday, 7am to 4pm. During the work the street will be an active construction site and vehicles should proceed with caution and at a reduced speed. Where necessary, temporary no parking signs will be posted for the duration of the day's construction.

Thank you for your patience as the City completes this important pollution and stormwater control project.

The City of #SalemMA has retained Pumel Enterprises Inc. to conduct repairs to the Collins Cove seawall. Pumel began mobilizing for work yesterday and the project is expected to last until the end of June, weather permitting. Work on the wall will consist of repairing failed masonry and painting the wall from Webb Street to the end of the wall at the ball field on Collins Street.

Work will take place from Monday through Friday, from 7am to 3:30pm. On work days it is important to avoid parking in the roadway near the work zone. Temporary no parking signs will be posted as necessary. The City appreciates your patience during this important project.

Updates from the Salem Cable Project:

Check out this week's update on our latest progress below—plus, a look ahead to what expect next.

Contractors working at the Derby Street end of the removal route have removed the majority of underground cable between Orange Street and Hodges Court. This coming week, they'll continue trenching, removing cable sections, back-filling, and repaving the excavations in the direction of Hawthorne Boulevard. We expect this crew to continue their progress over the next two weeks—they're aiming to finish working in this busy stretch of Salem as quickly and as safely as possible.

On New Derby Street, contractors are in the process of remediating a small section of underground soil near Dodge Street Court. Once remediation is complete later this week, the crew will move into the intersection of New Derby and Lafayette Street. There, they will continue the remediation and removal process until cables are removed and underground soils are cleaned and replaced.

Please be aware that the removal of the old duct bank–housed cable is also ongoing at manhole locations along the old T-146 route; so far, approximately 60 percent of these cables have been removed. We will continue to keep you updated with the latest information from our work sites as more information becomes available.

As always, police details will be present at our work sites to facilitate vehicle and pedestrian traffic management. Please use caution in and around these active work areas to minimize risks to your personal safety and to avoid any interference with construction.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation as we work to complete the removal phase of the Salem Cable Project quickly and safely. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call our toll-free hotline at 844-SALEM-CABLE or use the "Contact Us" feature on our website at



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