BuildingSalem has fielded some inquiries about the timetable for the National Grid Salem Cable Project removal of the old cables (dotted black lines on the map).

The T-146 is scheduled for removal starting in November of this year. This cable is housed in a duct bank. Accordingly, removal of cables will be pulled and shouldn't require much excavation.

The S-145 is schedule to be removed starting in March of 2016. This is the direct buried cable and removing this cable will require excavation.

This schedule is subject to change based on pace of the current installation work. De-energizing and removing the old cables cannot take place until the new cables are installed and energized.

Updates from Footprint Power:

The demolition of the inner portion of the #3 stack is essentially complete and late last week the “Mantis” was placed on top of the #3 stack. The #3 stack is the shorter of the only two remaining stacks from the original plant.

The Mantis is a specialized machine that will be used to take down the outer stack at a rate of about 10 to 20 feet per day, so progress in the demolition of this stack will be more visible over the coming weeks. (2 photos)

Updates from the National Grid Salem Cable Project:

Derby Intersection Work
Contractors made incredible progress through the intersection of Congress-Derby-Hawthorne this week. Working through some tough underground conditions they were able to excavate and install the duct bank that will house the new transmission cables, essentially, across the entire intersection. As you are well aware this is great news and should alleviate a fair amount on daytime congestion heading to Pickering Wharf and further down Derby Street.

Next week contractors will focus their efforts on the other side of this intersection as they excavate northward on Hawthorne Boulevard.

Washington Square South Work
Mid-week contractors are scheduled to open up the Washington Square South manhole site. They will be installing additional support structures in the excavation in order to finish preparations for the manhole installation. As you'll recall, the contractors are working through an issue caused by above average groundwater levels. With these additional supports, our contractor should be able to resume a regular manhole installation schedule at the work site.

Also on Washington Square South, contractors will be excavating in order to install the duct bank on Washington Square South that will eventually connect with the duct bank coming up Hawthorne Boulevard. Our outreach team has already canvassed the street, however we will be making another pass on the street to make sure residents have all of our information.

Canal Street Station
Inside the Canal Street Station duct bank work continues, along with a number of other upgrades to the station. As we've mentioned before, this work is limited to the Canal Street Station property and should not have any impact on traffic (vehicular or pedestrian).

BuildingSalem shared North Shore Community Development Coalition's photo. ...

Our work has begun on the creation of a pocket park in Salem on Ward Street! We look forward to the green space being finished this summer!



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