An update about work in October in #SalemMA by the Salem Cable Project:

Understanding the community in which we work is a top priority for our entire team. Over the course of the Salem Cable Project we've made every effort to plan our construction sequence in a way that avoids interfering with busy downtown attractions, and special events. That's why as the Halloween season begins, we're moving our construction off of main streets, and shifting the work towards the tail ends of the cable project route.

During the month of October, our construction will be limited to the Salem Harbor Sub-Station, the Canal Street Station, Leavitt Street and Forrester Street. Please note that by the end of the day on Friday, the duct bank crew currently working on Essex Street will stop working in that area, and move to a work site inside the Salem Harbor Station.

With the underground-duct bank construction stage of the project nearly two-thirds of the way to completion, we wanted to thank you for your continued patience, and encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have about ongoing, or upcoming construction.

Here's the latest schedule of work for the Algonquin gas lateral project in #SalemMA for next week. All work is weather-permitting and subject to change. ...

Planned concrete deliveries at Footprint Power Salem Harbor Operations have been delayed due to weather. Deliveries of approximately 80 trucks are scheduled for Friday, October 2, Tuesday, October 6, and Thursday, October 8. ...

Important update from the Algonquin gas lateral project in #SalemMA:

To: The Salem residents in close proximity to the Footprint Power Station and Algonquin’s Salem Lateral Project.

In our efforts to keep you informed of the progress of Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC’s, Salem Lateral Project, please note that Algonquin’s contractor has completed the installation of the pipeline for the Collins Cove Directional Drill. On Monday the 28th or Tuesday September 29th, this part of the pipeline will be tested by filling it with air under pressure and installing a special tool into it that measures the circumference of the pipe. The tool will be inserted into the pipe at the National Grid work site and pushed through the pipe under air pressure to measure it and ensure that the pipeline can be inspected after it is put into service. The tool will be removed on the Footprint work site.


Once that test has been completed, the air that pushed the tool will be discharged near the entrance to the Footprint work site on Derby and Webb Streets under pressure. That activity will take a few hours to complete and will generate a hissing noise. Again, this is only the discharge of the air pressure used to move the tool through the pipe.


Algonquin representatives will be on site throughout this planned event to closely monitor the release which will be conducted in accordance with applicable federal and state regulations.

We have set up a Hot Line that is monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week for anyone to call with a question or to notify us of a complaint. The 24 hour number is (866) 387-4448.

Updates from the Salem Cable Project:

Our duct bank crew on Leavitt Street has reached the Naumkeag Street intersection. We expect that by the end of next week this will have reached the intersection of Leavitt Street and Prince Street. Please note that the traffic lane on Leavitt Street will be reduced during this period of construction, but the lane will be kept open for traffic outside of the immediate work zone. A detour will be in place in order route vehicles around construction. Please note that there may be times during which construction vehicles will need access to the work zone and may block a portion of the lane for a brief period.

Our contractors currently have two crews working on duct bank installation between the Washington Square South manholes and the Essex Street manholes. The crew on Forrester Street has completed approximately half the duct bank installation on the street. The crew on Essex Street is working towards the Forrester Street crew in order to expedite duct bank installation of this section of the project route.

In addition to the duct bank installation crews, next week contractors will begin the process of flushing the existing S-145 and T-146 cables. This work will take place from one off-street location (manholes located between Beverly Bank and the Wendy's on Lafayette Street) and have little impact of traffic. Cable flushing is expected last for approximately one week.

As you know, police details are always present to facilitate vehicle and pedestrian traffic management at our work areas. That said, we ask that those on foot exercise caution when approaching these active work areas to minimize risks to personal safety, and to avoid any interference with construction.



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