Canvassers from Salem Cable Project will be in the following areas this week. They are going door to door to provide project information to residents and businesses and answer any questions:

Union Street, Herbert Street, Pickering Wharf condominiums, Hodges Court, Salem Housing Authority facility on Charter Street, Liberty Street, Shetland Park, and the Derby Street/Congress Street intersection.

The Footprint Power LLC "Visual Mitigation Program" (VMP) associated with the construction of the new natural gas generating facility is getting underway. The VMP is a mechanism by which Footprint will provide certain impacted residential property owners with improvements on their property that will help reduce the visual impacts from the new plant. These improvements could include shrubs, trees, window awnings, or other measures.

In order to qualify for the VMP you must meet all three of these conditions:

1. Be a residential property owner within a 1/2 mile of the 20 acre site boundary;
2. Be visually impacted by the new facility, upon completion of construction (note that the new facility will be smaller and located on a different part of the site than the existing plant); and
3. Be willing to provide permission for Footprint and their contractor to enter onto your property.

If you believe you may qualify based on these criteria, please do the following:

1. Contact Footprint (978-740-8411 or Mention the VMP and request that an application be sent to you. You should provide your name, phone number, and email address.

2. Once you receive the application, fill it out with your name, street address of the property in question, your phone number and email address, and the anticipated visual impact.

3. After you've sent the application back to Footprint, a representative from the company will review the application and contact you to arrange for a visit to your property. During that visit they will make an evaluation of the potential impacts so that a recommended course of action for mitigation can be made and agreed upon between you and Footprint.

Property owners do not need to submit an application until six months after the plant operations have begun. Right now, the anticipated completion date for construction is June 2017. More details about the status of demolition and construction, as well as contact information, FAQ, and more is available at

The winter weather has delayed the sewer work previously planned for Essex Street (from English to Webb), Webb Street (from Essex to Fort), and Fort Avenue (from Webb to the David J. Beattie Park) in #SalemMA.

The City’s contractor will be starting to install new collector sewers in this area, in anticipation of the National Grid Salem Cable Project. Snow was cleared from work locations today, February 23, and the contractor (Granese) is planning to start work with exploratory excavations to collect additional information tomorrow, weather permitting.

The work on the street will consist of installation of sewer manholes and pipes that will collect sewage from a select number of homes that would have their sewer service disrupted by the National Grid cable project. This work should be completed by late March 2015. The work hours for this effort are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.

During this project, the work area will be an active construction site and you should be careful and drive at a reduced speed accordingly. On the days when Granese is working, it is important not to have cars parked in the roadway. No parking signs will be posted in advance of construction and no-parking will remain in effect until construction is complete for that day. Police details will always be present to assist everyone through the work zone and to facilitate traffic management.



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