Canal Street Roadway Improvement Project

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All Canal Street businesses are open during the roadway improvement project! Please support your local businesses.

Temporary Closure for Part of Canal Street Moving Early to Phase 2

Phase 1 (Ocean Avenue to Hersey Street) expected to end around June 28; Phase 2 (Hersey Street to Forest Avenue) begins same week.

The temporary closure of part of Canal Street for the roadway reconstruction project is ahead of schedule as work progresses quickly. MassDOT and the project contractors now anticipate ending the closure of Phase 1 (Ocean Avenue to Hersey Street) on or around June 28, about three weeks ahead of schedule.

From approximately June 28 through August 4 no through traffic will be possible on Canal Street from Hersey Street to Forest Avenue. During that time, detours will be posted allowing through traffic to travel through the corridor via Broadway and Ocean Avenue. Additional police officers will be located on the detour route to monitor speeds and traffic flow. Please drive with caution at all times.

All Canal Street businesses remain open for business during this time period, with the exception of McDonalds, which is temporarily closed to carry out a large renovation project. Please help support our Canal Street businesses during this important roadway improvement project.

While the rest of the Canal Street Roadway Improvement Project can be accomplished while allowing through traffic to continue, the state of deterioration under the roadway in this one 600-foot stretch is substantial. To reconstruct the roadway in a manner that will provide the most long-lasting improvement, the contractor will be excavating to 30-inches below the road surface, more than twice the standard excavation depth. The roadway will be filled with a light concrete fill, instead of conventional fill, and a stabilizing high-strength geo-tech fabric will then be installed over the top of the fill from curb to curb. A final paving layer will then go over the geo-tech fabric.

The deterioration of this portion of the roadway has occurred as peat and loose soils under the pavement have consolidated and sunk over time, while underground utilities such as storm drains and conduits have kept the road surface elevated in places. The resulting roadway surface is highly uneven and not safe. The more substantial improvement possible through this temporary closure of this portion of the street will help eliminate this problem on a more long-term basis than conventional engineering methods.

Weekly Project Update: June 26, 2017

Below, please find a calendar of anticipated construction activities for the next two weeks of this project:

  • Week of June 26th
    • Continue to form and pour retaining wall in shared-use path
    • Finish construction and excavation on share-use path
    • Pave base and binder concrete from Hersey Street to Ocean Avenue
    • Establish Phase 2 traffic detour and signage
    • Set curb from Ocean Avenue to Hersey Street

    Week of July 3rd

    • Continue to form and pour retaining wall in shared-use path
    • Finish grading shared-use path for new retaining wall
    • Backfill new retaining wall and set conduits and handholes
    • Excavate asphalt from Hersey Street to Forest Avenue
    • Excavate for full depth from Hersey Street to Forest Avenue
    • Prep and pour sidewalks from Ocean Avenue to Hersey Street

Salem Street Map 50% Phase 2

 Project Summary

This two-year, $12 million project includes leveling and resurfacing the road, new sidewalks, crossings, street trees, and lighting, as well as reconfiguration of the intersections with Mill Street and with Jefferson and Loring Avenue. It also includes an extension of the off-street Bike Path. The project will provide e a new gateway to the City of Salem while improving safety for vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles. It will also provide streetscape improvements including new trees lining the street, stamped colored pedestrian crossings, and curb extensions at crosswalks. This phase will better define access locations and curb cuts, improve pavement, signage and pavement markings as well as adding wheelchair ramps and sidewalks following ADA standards.


Project Documents

Full project plans

Pre-Construction Public Meeting Agenda with Construction Details

Pre-Construction Public Meeting Presentation




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