Canal Street Roadway Improvement Project

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All Canal Street businesses are open during the roadway improvement project! Please support your local businesses.

Project Update: April 3, 2017

This week contractors will continue sidewalk installation on the northbound side of Canal Street–between Loring Liquors and Forest Avenue–as well as their work on the shared-use path across from Roslyn Street.
In addition to sidewalk installation and work on the shared-use path, this week contractors will undertake a number of other tasks. They’ll be clearing trees from the traffic island at the intersection of Canal Street and Jefferson Avenue, and at spots along the northbound side of Canal Street between Roslyn Street and Pond Street, repainting traffic markings on Canal Street from Washington Street to Loring Avenue, setting new curbing and restoring existing curbing from Loring Liquors to Forest Avenue, and installing drainage in the parking lot of 135 Canal Street.
Looking ahead to next week, contractors are planning to set a series of conduits from just north of Loring Liquors to Forest Avenue and begin preparations for laying of new sidewalks between Loring Liquors and Forest Avenue. Next week’s schedule also calls for contractors to pour new sidewalks and driveway aprons on the southbound lane of Canal Street between Forest Avenue and Loring Avenue.
As a reminder, all Canal Street businesses are open during this roadway improvement project. Please support our local businesses!
Below, please find a calendar of anticipated construction activities for the next two weeks of this project:
Week of April 3rd
• Continue excavating concrete sidewalks from north of Loring Liquors to Forest Avenue
• Continuing work on shared-use path across from Roslyn Street
• Tree clearing at Jefferson Avenue-Canal Street traffic island
• Tree clearing on Canal Street from Roslyn Street to Pond Street (northbound)
• Repainting traffic markings on Canal Street (Washington Street to Loring Avenue)
• Installing drainage at 135 Canal Street parking lot
• Begin setting new curb and restore existing curb from Loring Liquors to Forest Avenue
Week of April 10th
• Setting conduits and handholds on Canal Street from Loring Liquors to Forest Avenue
• Placing gravel and preparing for sidewalk installation from Loring Liquors to Forest Avenue on Canal Street
• Pouring concrete for sidewalks and driveways on southbound side of Canal Street (Forest Ave to Loring Avenue intersection)


Project Summary

This two-year, $12 million project includes leveling and resurfacing the road, new sidewalks, crossings, street trees, and lighting, as well as reconfiguration of the intersections with Mill Street and with Jefferson and Loring Avenue. It also includes an extension of the off-street Bike Path. The project will provide e a new gateway to the City of Salem while improving safety for vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles. It will also provide streetscape improvements including new trees lining the street, stamped colored pedestrian crossings, and curb extensions at crosswalks. This phase will better define access locations and curb cuts, improve pavement, signage and pavement markings as well as adding wheelchair ramps and sidewalks following ADA standards.


Project Documents

Full project plans

Pre-Construction Public Meeting Agenda with Construction Details

Pre-Construction Public Meeting Presentation




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