Projects Documents

Rooftops_SalemMaritimeNHS_HenrySzybynskyPhoto_SalemMAThis page only lists the most recent presentations, documents, or plans for a particular project taking place in Salem. For a more in-depth history of previous reports, plans, etc. please visit this website. Documents are posted here as they are made available to the public and the City. If you are interested in a current or proposed project that does not have any documents posted, please contact or 978-619-5600 for more information.

Footprint Public Meeting Presentation & Update – March 9, 2016

F.W. Webb Presentation – June 30, 2016

Gateway Center Site Plan – May 10, 2016

North Shore Medical Center elevation – May 19, 2016

Salem State University 40-Year Vision Master Plan presentation

Salem Superior Courthouse & County Commissioners Building reuse study




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